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Japanese Acupuncture

The Japanese were introduced to Classical Chinese medicine in the 6th century and during this time the Japanese practitioners developed a unique style based on Classical Chinese medical theories.


One of several distinctions in Japanese acupuncture is the insertion of the needle so as not to cause pain or discomfort to the patient. Additionally, the Japanese practitioner relies on palpation of the body and specifically the abdomen or "Hara," to locate the origin of the disease or illness. Palpation plays an integral role in the diagnosis of disease in the Japanese acupuncture style.


The Japanese acupuncturist also strives to treat the root cause of the disease along with the branch or symptoms of a specific illness. The practitioner goes beyond simply alleviating symptoms to treating the causative factors that lead to the specific illness or disorder. The Japanese acupuncture style is comprehensive and very thorough so as to lead to the elimination of the disease or condition.


World renowned teacher and foremost proponent of Japanese Acupuncture Kiiko Matsumoto has written several texts used in most schools of acupuncture today and lectures extensively to ensure the Japanese acupuncture style is translated properly.


Japanese Acupuncture is a style that is constantly evolving with a foundation in Classical Chinese medical principles, but an awareness of the Western perspective on health and healing.


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