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I have gone to see Melissa a couple of times over the years.  I specifically went to see her for Fertility and Gallbladder attacks/pain symptoms.  I had a bone marrow transplant at a young age.  The chemotherapy drastically affected my fertility.  I saw a reproductive specialist who told me I needed to get pregnant fast!  I saw Melissa just one time and was pregnant a month later.  I was in disbelief.  I came back to see her two years later.  We wanted to have another baby.  I also had been having a lot of gallbladder attacks/ pain.  I did want to receive treatment for my gallbladder attacks first before I became pregnant again.  I was committed to feeling better and being gallbladder attack free.  After a few treatments and a change in diet, I was gallbladder attack free.  Melissa gave me some great information about plant based nutrition.  I began to follow it slowly.  I'll admit it was extremely hard at first.  Not only was I gallbladder  pain free but I felt energized and allergy free as well! It's like all the inflammation in my body completely disappeared.  I felt great.  About a month after I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  Sometimes you have to believe and trust in the hands that are working on you.  I was definitely led to Melissa for a reason.  I'm so happy that I came back again!


Tannia Vasconez

Designer - Belle Threads


When you have a full blown case of Bells Palsy, you have difficulty eating, blinking and speaking, so needless to say, it can be very depressing. Recovery is very slow, taking many months, and in some cases, recovery is not 100%. After only two treatments with Melissa, I noticed the beginning of the healing process. Over the next 3 months, recovery gradually took place and I continued with my recovery for a full year, eventually reducing my visits to monthly. Though I am completely healed, I continue to have monthly treatments for general immune system maintenance, as I don’t want to experience this condition ever again.


Marc Schwartz

COO Bob Mackie Design Group Ltd.


When I called Melissa I was nervous and sad about needing IVF to conceive. I had many IUI procedures, all failed but MD's were not able to diagnose the true cause of my infertility. On my first IVF cycle, with the help of Melissa's acupuncture treatments, I got pregnant.


Several years later, trying for my second child, I was experiencing incredible lower back pain; she determined that I needed more evaluation to which I agreed and discovered as one of the MD's described the worse disc rupture he has seen in 10 years. (At the time I was being treated by a chiropractor for the back pain but no suggestion by him to get more tests or MRI) I did the back surgery, recovered beautifully and then went on with my fertility treatments and got pregnant with my second child. I have two beautiful boys due Melissa's remarkable skill and knowledge.


Margaret Brown

School Teacher


After two years of unsuccessful epidurals and physical therapy for my lower back pain, my orthopedist suggested I try acupuncture. Melissa determined that my pain was mostly caused by my posture at work.. I’m a dentist and I sit and lean over all day. She explained to me that acupuncture is cumulative, and the benefits build upon each other. After my first treatment I felt slightly better. As the treatments progressed, I reached a point where I no longer felt pain. I am pain free so that I can work and enjoy my life.


Demetrios Sengos

DDS Cosmetic Dentist


Most recently Melissa has treated me for severe neck pain. I found the acupuncture treatments to deliver fast and reliable healing. Melissa has a deep understanding of the whole body and she listens to me.


Rolande Hodel

President/Founder AidsfreeAfrica


Melissa saved me from shoulder surgery! She has also kept my MS in remission and I have been symptom free from what can be a crippling disease for many years. She is an extremely gifted practitioner with a warm, healing spirit.


Lou Manna

Culinary Food Photographer



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